Current Events in Biology

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Current Events in Biology

The article deals with few of the current events in biology. These events and discoveries, present before us some of the interesting facts about research going on in the field of biology.

Research conducted in the field of biology unveils lots of interesting information through discoveries. These discoveries help us understand the functioning of nature. The information pertaining to current events in the field of biology should help us understand more about research activities going on in today’s world.

Current News and Events in Biology

The current events in biology presented below, make us aware of the research activities in this field.

Use of Zebra Fish in Research: Zebra fish is used in research activities, just like guinea pigs. As per the studies conducted by University of California, San Diego, research on the immune system of human beings can be carried out by making use of these fish. Certain cells of the zebra fish possess all the characteristics of dendritic cells found in human beings.

Genetic Causes of Glaucoma and Myopia: According to Prof. David Mackay of the University of Western Australia, two genes responsible for the common eye problems, glaucoma and myopia have been discovered. Treatment for these eye problems can be devised with the knowledge of these genes. It is therefore, one of the new discoveries for treatment of diseases related to eyes.

BP Oil Disaster Consequences: The oil spill which took place in the Gulf of Mexico is considered as one of the worst in history, owing to its far reaching effects on marine biology. The number of dead animals collected so far is 5000. This oil spill has also posed a great risk from the point of existence of sea creatures like Loggerhead Turtles, Green Turtles and Kemp’s Ridley Turtle.

Oldest Animal Fossils: The oldest animal fossils belonging to sponge-like creatures have been unearthed by Princeton University scientists. These fossils have been recovered from a glacial deposit of South Australia that is 635 million years old. Fossils recovered from this glacial deposit are said to be 650 million years old.

Spider-Silkworms: The joint efforts taken by University of Notre Dame, Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. and the University of Wyoming have led to the creation of transgenic silkworms; spider genes have been used in the production of these silkworms. Higher tensile strength and greater elasticity are the attributes of silk produced by these transgenic silkworms.

Fish Farming and Environment: The studies conducted by Dr. John Volpe and his associates from University of Victoria suggest that industrial fish farming on a large-scale results into harmful effects on the environment. Dr. Volpe and his team have developed a system called Global Aquaculture Performance Index (GAPI) to measure the impact of industrial fish farming on environment.

Biology Current Events for Kids

The information about recent events in biology that is presented below, should prove to be useful for kids.

Change in Polar Bear Diet: The effects of global warming are reflected in food habits of polar bears. Melting ice in polar regions, as we know, is a cause of concern from the point of survival of these bears. However, the region of western Hudson Bay where timing of sea-ice breakup is changing, provides an alternative source of food for the bears; eggs of the snow-goose can be used as food by these polar bears.

Stunted Tree Growth: Calculation of tree growth is commonly done through biomass measurement. Decrease in biomass production of trees, resulting from ozone pollution has been observed in temperate regions. It is predicted that the situation would further deteriorate with increase in ozone pollution.

The current events in biology presented above, incorporate facts pertaining to medical science, environmental problems, genetics, etc. The information therefore, reflects the changes which have an effect on today’s world.

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