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Vase Sponge

Vase Sponge
Vase sponge are beautiful big sponges which can be seen in an array of bright colors. These sea creatures come in different shapes and due to their vase-like structure are called vase sponges. Read on, to learn more about them...
Pragya T
Flora and fauna found in the sea is so vivid. One can see flora and fauna appearing in various colors, shapes and textures inside the sea. There are thousands of species of different fish and corals, however, many of them are on the verge of joining the long list of endangered species. Many coral reefs around the world are at risk of disappearing, and many species of flora and fauna found in them are facing the risk of extinction. This unique flora and fauna has to be protected so that we can still get to see these wonderful living beings exist. In coral reefs one can see unique looking fishes, octopus, squids, sponges, anemones, plankton, etc. Sea sponges are commonly found on coral reefs and there are various types of sea sponges. One of them is the vase sponge. Here are some colorful pictures of different types of vase sponge and some interesting facts about them.
Vase Sponge Facts
Small sponge cluster
  • Sea sponges are animals, so vase sponges are animals too. They have layers of cell which build a wall which is in the shape of a tube or sometimes a bowl. These cells help to pump water through the walls and filter sponge food which is plankton.
  • There are various types of vase sponges. One common species of vase sponge found in the Caribbean, off the Eastern coast of Florida is Ircinia campana. This sponge can be found in colors like red, brown, purple, yellow, etc.
Vase Sponge
  • This sponge has a large bell shaped cavity, which gives it the depth. This sort of sponge grows to a width of 2 feet and a height of 3 feet.
Vase Sponge
  • Another variety called Callyspongia plicifera which is Azure vase sponge is a very colorful sponge. It appears in very bright and bold colors. One can find this sponge in purple, pink and yellow-pink shades.
Bright pink sponge
  • Azure vase sponge is seen growing in coral reefs, at depths around 20-75 feet. They are found in the Caribbean, Florida and Bahamas. This sponge is shaped as a long vase and has many grooves and pits on its surface. It has been observed growing to a height of 18 inches.
  • Vase sponge is associated with sponge brittle stars which is scientifically known as Ophiothrix suensonii. This is also commonly found across Caribbean. This animal has glassy spines on its long slender arms. It can be pink, yellow, lavender or red. It inhabits sponges and other sea creatures.
  • Vase sponges which are mostly of the Ircinia campana variety are used for commercial purposes. One can buy these small vase sponges for as low as 10 dollars. Large sized ones can be purchased for 80 dollars.
  • One can use live vase sponges and keep them in aquariums. Or they also can be used as bath sponges. You can buy natural live and non-alive bath sponges online, at aquariums or at health stores.
This was some interesting information on vase sponges, which are commonly found across the Caribbean. So, next time you go for underwater diving and see one, I hope you will be able to identify it!